An IItemDefinition object is the direct reference to an item.
It is different from an IItemStack as this only refers to the item, it does not include any meta-information or NBT-values!

How to get one

The easiest way is from an IItemStack, but you can also get a list of all registered IItemDefinitions in the game and do something with that.

//IItemStack Zengetter "definition" -> single IItemDefinition
val itemDefinition = <minecraft:stone>.definition;

//IGame zengetter "items" -> LIST!
val itemDefinitionList = game.items;

What to do with it


ZenGetter What does it do Return Type Usage
id Returns the item ID String def.id
name Returns the unlocalized item Name String def.name
ores Returns all ore entries containing this item. Can also contain ore entries that refer to a sub-item. List def.ores


def.makeStack(meta); Creates an IItemStack with the given metadata. Metadata is an int and OPTIONAL.