You can use the keyword loadedMods to access all currently loaded mods.

Check if a mod is loaded

Use the in function to check if a mod is loaded;
Also you can use the contains method:

//if MinecraftCoderPack is loaded
if(loadedMods in "mcp"){

//if MinecraftCoderPack is loaded

Retrieve a specific mod

You can retrieve a specific mod as IMod as long as you have it’s ID

//retrieves the minecraftCoderPack mod
val mod = loadedMods["mcp"];


The IMod Interface provides you with some general information on a specific mod

Zengetter What does it do Return Type Usage
id Returns the mod’s id string mod.id
name Returns the mod’s internal name string mod.name
version Returns the mod’s version string mod.version
description Returns the mod description string mod.description
items Returns all items added by the mod IItemStack[] mod.items