Entity Interface. Used to obtain and modify information entities’ data.
Entities are everything that is freely movable in the world such as players, monsters, items on the ground any many more.

Importing the package

It might be required for you to import the package if you encounter any issues (like casting an Array), so better be safe than sorry and add the import.
import crafttweaker.entity.IEntity;

Extending ICommandSender

IEntity extends ICommandSender. That means that all methods that are availabel to ICommandSender Objects also are available to IEntity Objects!


GetterName GetterMethod Return Type
air getAir() int
alive isAlive() boolean
alwaysRenderNameTag boolean
armorInventory List<IItemStack
blockPos getBlockPos() IBlockPos
canBeAttackedWithItem boolean
canBeCollidedWith boolean
canPassengerSteer boolean
canRiderInteract boolean
controllingPassenger IEntity
customName getCustomName() String
dimension getDimension() int
doesTriggerPressurePlate boolean
equipmentAndArmor List<IItemStack
eyeHeight float
hasCustomName boolean
hasNoGravity boolean
heldEquipment List<IItemStack
id int
immuneToFire isImmuneToFire() boolean
isBeingRidden boolean
isBoss boolean
isBurning boolean
isGlowing boolean
isImmuneToExplosions boolean
isInLava boolean
isInsideOpaqueBlock boolean
isInvisible boolean
isInvulnerable boolean
isInWater boolean
isOutsideBorder boolean
isOverWater boolean
isPushedByWater boolean
isRiding boolean
isSilent boolean
isSneaking boolean
isSprinting boolean
lowestRidingEntity IEntity
maxFallHeight int
maxInPortalTime int
parts IEntity[]
passengers getPassengers() List<IEntity>
passengersRecursive List<IEntity>
portalCooldowne int
position3f getPosition3f() Position3f
ridingEntity getRidingEntity() IEntity
shouldRiderSit boolean
tags List<string>
wet isWet() boolean
world IWorld
x getX() double
y getY() double
z getZ() double


SetterName SetterMethod Parameter Type
air setAir(seconds) int
alwaysRenderNameTag boolean
customName setCustomName(name) String
dimension setDimension(id) int
fire setFire(seconds) int
hasNoGravity boolean
id int
isGlowing boolean
isInvisible boolean
isOutsideBorder boolean
isSilent boolean
isSneaking boolean
isSprinting boolean
position setPosition(pos) IBlockPos

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